Thanks to littleshaurya.com, otherwise I would have lost the childhood and potential of my daughter srushti. She has start recognizing and counting numbers. I am surprised. She loves seeing the flashcards and I have a nice time too showing them to her. The techniques that have been shared with me, I really like them. I am confident that I am on the right track with my daughter—–Renuka Saxena (Kanpur)

Aryan has learnt to read english words in 4 months time. I am excited. Showing him hindi now. He is still learning maths. Fingers crossed—-Hemlata Porwal (Pune)

Thanks to littleshaurya team. My son has picked up mathematics very quickly!
——- Rama Prabhu (TN)

My husband has started spending good time with my son during the flash card show. Earlier my son use to run away in the first 20 seconds, but because of my husbands creativity he has started concentrating for those 20 seconds. The whole activity has made me proud as parents. I feel this is what a child wants—-Vaijanti Patel (Ahmedabad)

My son is still picking up things but this exercise has developed a special bond between my son and his father.——- Hema Malik (Delhi)

Arjun was already 4 when I ordered the flash cards and was going to a pre-school. The flash card thing speeded up his learning process. My wife and me talk over this subject a lot and that has improved our bonding. It has made us creative parents. I think flash cards is just a start—-Rakesh Rawal (Haryana)

Soumya is just 8 months but gets excited when flash cards are shown to her. I don’t know what’s exactly happening but I like the smile on my daughters face when flash cards are shown. Me and my husband have a purpose and something to look forward now—-Samruddhi Vyas (Kolkata)

I am getting good support from littleshaurya and their people. I am still new to all of this but I am happy doing this for my son—-Renuka Barwe (Pune)

I started showing flash cards to atharva from 6 months onwards. Atharva started speaking two- words of hindi from the age of 12 months. I showed him hindi flash cards first since that’s our mother tongue. He recognises most of the hindi words now. I think he picked up the language fast because of me showing him flash cards. Will focus on English and maths now—-
Naresh Seth (Indore)

All of this is good techniques really. Our brain will all relate easily to photographs becuase of our strong photographic memory. Overall a good thing for the child of my age.
—-Yukti Sah (Arunachal Pradesh)

I engaged everybody in the house to show flash cards to Pisha including my in-laws, my maid, my husband and my brother in law. Pisha is 2.5 years today and has been seen flash cards ‘N’ times a day since she was 2 years. Today she recognizes lot of hindi and English words. She speaks fluently in hindi and makes small sentences in English too. This wouldn’t have been possible without help from littleshaurya.com. My hearlfelt gratitude—-Urvi Bhandari (Navi Mumbai)

My child was 15 months old when i got this. At the age of 15 he was not speaking even a few words. I was worried when i started searching for kids learning and I came across littleshaurya. After i starting practicing flashcards with my son, slowly slowly he started speaking. Today he is 2.5 years and speaks most of our language.
I am sure the exercise helped me. —-Preeti Reddy (Telangana)

My son has started learning piano from the age of 2.5 years. He picked it up very fastly. I am not sure if that was becuase of me showing him flashcards. Maybe. —-Shobha Pant (Kolhapur)

I am fortunate to receive this kind of guidance and support fron littleshaurya. I am loving this period of my daughter. I feel I am adding value to her life now. Thanks littleshaurya. —-Karuna Vyapari (Kota)

The tips and secrets of early learning are good. I have lost a chance with my elder daughter as she is already 8. I will implementation of these on my smaller son now.—-Gayatri Vyaas (Rajkot)

I can see the difference between my elder son and younger son. My younger son received early learning from littleshaurya, my elder son did not. Brainwise today both are the same even though they are seperated by 3.5 years.—-Lakshmi Pandit (Lucknow)