Q: Is showing flashcards a burden to the child?
A: Not at all. Children love to learn. In fact never think that you are putting unnecessary stress on your child by teaching them things early. You may relate all this activity to studying, schooling, stress etc but for a child it’s like any other play activity. A child cannot differentiate at all. In fact the child will be grateful to you throughout his life for the early learning that you gave him. Trust me.

Q: What is the right age to show flash cards?
A: You can show flash cards till 7 years. The earlier the better.

Q: Me and my husband both are working. Will we be able to do this?
A: Don’t worry. You just need 5 minutes twice a day for this activity. We will share with you all the necessary tips that will make your activity fun and a lot easier. You would be surprised by the results.

Q: If I have specific issues while showing flashcards, who should I reach out to?
A: Don’t worry. We have already gone through everything that you would face. We have done a lot of experiments with my child and have learnt things the hard way. But we will make your life very easy. We provide you a life time support for this activity. We have a lot of things, tricks and tips to share with you. Trust us you would enjoy all of this with your child and it would be a very easy exercise for you.

Q: How much time does it take for a child to start understanding words and mathematics?
A: This depends on you. The more you are involved and dedicated, the faster the results. On an average, it takes between 2-6 months for your child to start interpreting English and maths.

Q: I am not educated enough in English? How will I manage?
A: If you can read small words like cat,dog, cow etc in English and your mother tongue, you should not have any problem.