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I am Roshni S Pardeshi, mother of two, Shaurya and Veer. I got married on 10th DEC 2009 and Shaurya was born on 12/03/2012. I had a well-planned pregnancy and during my pregnancy days I was introduced to the concept of early learning and research done my Glenn Doman (Founder of ‘The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential’) on children and early learning by my husband. I got curious and started reading a lot of books on early learning and child development. I was excited to implement all that I had learnt on shaurya. Till 6 months after shaurya was born he kept me very busy and after 6 months I started applying all that I had learnt. In 3 months time all my dreams were shattered because all that I had learnt was not working. Shaurya did not even bother to look at flash cards. I was no more interested and started believing that every child brings his own destiny and there is nothing much that anyone could do.

However, my husband kept encouraging me, he kept telling me that there is something wrong that I must be doing. He kept reminding me of the “Abhimanyu” story from Mahabharata and that early learning was not a new concept but was very well known to our ancestors and worked wonders. He kept encouraging me and then one day I attended a child development workshop. I learnt one thing from the workshop and that was “Stop before your child wants you to stop”. I used to forcefully show flashcards to shaurya for minutes and hours even when he was not interested and I guess it became a dull exercise for him. I then started showing flashcards to him for like 3 seconds and then stopped even before he could interpret. Then 5 seconds then 7 and that was the trick. I stopped before he wanted me to stop. He became interested in the activity and started showing interest. It was a big win for me. I attended many more such workshops and every workshop gave me an interesting tip. I read a lot of books on child development and psychology and learnt a lot of things from there. I faced a million hurdles and crossed all of them. Finally I succeeded with Shaurya.

Today, I have a team of child psychologist and we keep doing research and experiments with early learning on children. We also conduct workshops on early learning and parenting. Through LittleShaurya.com me and my team are here to share everything that we have learnt and experimented with Shaurya. We now know what works and what doesn’t and what it takes to bring in the genius in every child. We would be happy to share our experience with you so that you too could unfold the genius in your child.

Today, I firmly believe that “Every child is a genius”. It’s totally our responsibility as parents to unfold the genius in our child. Remember, behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.