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Me and my team have been showing flash cards to Little Shaurya since he was 9 months. Today ( as of March 2017) Shaurya is 5 years. With all our experience of introducing flash card system of early learning to shaurya, we have observed the following benefits

  1. A child starts learning early: Little shaurya became an early learner. He could read English books at the age of 4.5 years. He could do addition and subtraction at the age of 4. He could understand the whole of English and Hindi language at the age of 2.5.
  2. Develops Love towards learning and education: Most children hate studying but Little Shaurya has developed love and attraction towards studies. This has taken away a lot of burden off me. I don’t have to force him to study. He does it on his own. I will not have to worry about his schooling and education now, I know he will do well.
  3. Learning becomes fun: For little Shaurya, homework or learning something is a fun activity like playing. He loves it. Remember, the more a child knows, the more fun it is for him.
  4. No excessive mentoring required: I don’t have to be around while Little Shaurya is studying. He requires minimum interference and mentoring.
  5. Promotes quick Learning: Early learning has given Little Shaurya a very active and mature brain. In his school, the teacher has to teach anything once and he understands it. I am proud to say that he is among the brightest student in his class today. Click here to see his exam sheets.
  6. Develops curiosity: Little Shaurya asks a lot of questions. He is eager to know how things work. He has developed a inquisitive brain.
  7. Generates love towards reading and mathematics: Little Shaurya loves to read anything whether its printed on pamphlet, a glow sign board, name of a shop, product etc. He loves to play with numbers. When he is shopping around with me, he wants to calculate how much money to pay, how much to take from shop keepers etc. I was told by the principal of a renowned college that a child who is good at reading, sports and mathematics will do very well in life.
  8. Easy admission in school: Little Shaurya was admitted in one of the best schools of Pune, based on merit. We did not have to bear any additional cost. The transition from home to school was very easy, no hassles whatsoever. Little Shaurya loves going to school now.
  9. Develops good Communication skills: Little Shaurya has developed a good command over Hindi and English. His speech is very clear, crisp and to the point. Click here to see little shaurya telling an English story to an audience.
    Gives Self esteem and confidence: Little Shaurya understands that he is special and gifted. This has made him naturally confident. He confidently does his own shopping of stationaries, birthday gifts etc, bargains with shop keepers. He is not shy to interact with unknown people. He sometimes surprises me with his street smartness.
  10. Gives a boost to extra-curricular activities: Early learning has boosted the right brain and self esteem of Little Shaurya. He has become extremely good in all extra curricular activities. Till now little Shaurya has won 2 running competitions, one fancy dress, one drawing. Click here to see some pictures. One of his drawing was even published in a news paper. He even plays piano, drums and table. Click here to see Little Shaurya playing music.
  11. Develops both sides of the brain: Left brain develops logic, right brain is responsible for creativity. I get a sense that little Shaurya has a good mix of both. Develops a strong bonding: Me and my husband interacted with Shaurya a lot during his early learning days. Today he shares a special bond of love and respect with me and my husband.

I have realized that every child is a born genius. Its totally our responsibility to develop the genius in him/her.